Why can’t every day be like Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving dinner“Why can’t every day be like Christmas?” So the popular holiday tune goes (if you don’t recognize it, don’t worry, you will probably hear it soon on the radio; Elvis sang the most popular version). But maybe a better tune would go something like this: “Why can’t every day be like Thanksgiving?”

Wouldn’t a 365 day Thanksgiving be great? I don’t mean that for 365 days a year you would consume the caloric intake for a week in a single meal before being put into a deep trance while watching grown men tackle each other on television (only to wake up a few hours later and fortify yourself with pie and turkey sandwiches). But if every day we thought as much about “giving thanks” as we do on the day called Thanksgiving, I think we would all enjoy life a lot more.

You see, “giving thanks” or “gratitude” is not something we are naturally good at. By nature we are sinful and selfish. We need no training in grumbling or griping or complaining. All of us can master those with no degree of skill or thought. And all of us have felt the blues and emotional indigestion when we have pigged out on unthankful feasts of self-pity and discontent.

What we need to consciously work on is focusing our heads and hearts to say “thank you.” That is, taking a real look at the real blessings poured out upon us by our real God each day.

Here’s a place to start. This is the beginning of Psalm 107: “Give thanks to the LORD.” And then it gives a reason: “for he is good; his love endures forever.”

God loves you forever! God forgives you forever! God will watch over you forever! What else has he given you this day? How else has he provided for you this week?

Think about these things. Give thanks! And then enjoy the thrill of being appreciative (instead of the energy drain of complaining) this day and every day!

Here’s to 365 days of Thanksgiving,

Pastor Jon Bergemann

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