Oh no!, I forgot . . .

“Oh no!, I forgot . . .”

Have you ever said or thought something like that? Have you ever been hit with the sudden realization of something that escaped your memory? Perhaps something you didn’t do that might mean trouble?

Jesus has never said or thought that. There is nothing he has ever forgotten. Nothing he has ever left undone. We see it at his own baptism. He doesn’t have the same need to be baptized as you or me (after all, he has no sins to wash away!). But he still does it, telling John the Baptist “it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.” (Matthew 3:15)

Jesus leaves no detail undone, no good deed forgotten, in living perfectly in our place. He perfectly fulfills all the righteous good works needed for us to get into heaven.

Which also means that he will never forget to watch over you, answer your prayers, forgive you, and love you in 2014. That’s some good news worth remembering.

Made righteous by Jesus, just like you,

Pastor Jon Bergemann

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