Making Requests

There was a time in American history when anyone could walk right into the White House and ask to meet the president.  During Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, tourists, honeymooners, and soldiers lined up to shake his hand while others came to show him inventions or ask for a job.  One guy showed up asking to be made ambassador to Germany or France.  When he was told those positions were taken, the man said, “Well, then, will you lend me five dollars?” 1

Stories like this might sound astounding, amazing or even absurd to us in 2013.  We recognize that a president’s time is far too valuable than to be spent listening to petty requests of the populace.

But even more astounding and amazing is what our God invites us to do.  Listen to this word of instruction in Philippians 4:6:  “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Did you catch what that passage is telling you to do?  Present your requests to God.  It is instructing you, a mere human being, to come into the presence of the holy God in prayer and bring your requests . . . anytime, anywhere, regarding anything and everything.  There is nothing too big or too small to take to God and talk about.

But how can this be?  Why would the holy God listen to you?   Why would he listen to me?

The reason is that we have a relationship with him.  Jesus has put his perfect life in our place and died for all of our sins.  This makes us “at one” with God.  We are part of his family.  He calls us his children.  He is our Father.  He wants to hear from you, his child, regarding what is on your heart and stewing in your mind.

So pray!  He always has time for you and is thrilled to hear from you.  And, more than that, he will always answer your prayer in the way that is best for your eternal good.  Isn’t that astounding?!  Isn’t that amazing?!  Isn’t that awesome?!

Happy to come into the presence of the King in prayer, just like you,

Pastor Jon Bergemann

1quote taken from “Two Miserable Presidents – the Amazing, Terrible, and Totally True Story of the Civil War” by Steve Sheinkin.

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