Worship Materials

We use a printed Service Folder which contains the order of service. During the service, the Pastor may refer to the red Hymnal for parts of the service. Bible passages are printed in the Service Folder, however you are free to follow along using the black Bibles. Hymnals and Bibles are located in the pews, and underneath the chairs.


Service Folder

Our Service Folder contains the order of service along with a welcome message and today’s focus in the front. The back of the folder contains announcements and information on upcoming activities.

Our worship style is interactive and you’ll notice highlighted sections that the congregation speaks or sings. These sections are highlighted in bold print and are preceded with a C: for congregation.


IMG_0333The first section of the hymnal contains several orders of service, psalms, and prayers. During the service, Pastor may refer to hymnal page numbers for sections of the order of service. The page numbers are located at the bottom corners of the page.

The second section of the hymnal contain over 600 hymns. Hymns are noted in the Service Folder by name and number. Hymn numbers are large and located at the top corners of the page.


The pew Bibles are large print editions of the New International Version (NIV). You are also encouraged to bring your personal Bible to worship.

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