Confirmation SundayOne of the spiritual education programs offered at Trinity Lutheran Church is Confirmation Class. The class intends to confirm young people, in the faith of their baptism, bringing them relevant meaning for life and fervent faith for the Christian walk through studying God’s Word.

Any young person entering the 7th grade may participate in Trinity Lutheran Church Confirmation Class, and continue the class through their 8th grade year.

Though the class ends at the official rite of confirmation, it truly only begins a lifelong appreciation for and study of God’s Word and its blessings that continue into adulthood.

In order to make this class as meaningful as possible for the students, we involve the parents in the instruction process so that they might grow together with their child during this exciting two-year period. Former students and their parents who have participated in this program have appreciated and enjoyed this approach. Parents need not worry, Pastor provides plenty of guidance and instruction.

Confirmation Sunday is traditionally held in May of each year.

More information on Lutheran Confirmation can be found on the WELS website.

Please contact Pastor Jon Bergemann if you have any questions.

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