Are you getting ready for Spring Break or Easter travel?

Are you getting ready for Spring Break or Easter travel?  Or are you perhaps looking ahead to a Summer trip?

Now is the time to get ready for a very important journey.  You are invited.  We leave this Sunday.   Where are we going?  Jerusalem.

We won’t make a literal journey to the city.  But we will make a spiritual pilgrimage as we see Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey this Sunday (Palm Sunday).  We will join him in the Upper Room as he washes disciples’ feet and gives his true body and blood next Thursday (Maundy Thursday).  We will follow to Calvary as we see him carry his cross and be nailed to the cross next Friday (Good Friday).  And we will run to the empty tomb to hear the greatest news in the history of the world, “He is risen!” next Sunday (Easter).

For this trip, there is nothing you need to pack . . . but there is a lot that you can bring.

You can bring all of your guilt, shame, fear, and uncertainty.   You can drop them off along the way, and leave whatever is left at the foot of the cross.   In exchange, Jesus will give you the forgiveness, peace, joy, freedom, and life that he won for you at that cross and guaranteed to you at the empty tomb.

Would you join me for this journey?  It’s a trip worth taking.

Following in our Savior’s footsteps with you,

Pastor Jon Bergemann

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